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Power cables are used for bulk transmission of alternating and direct current power, they are extensively used in building wiring for lighting, power and control circuits permanently installed in buildings. Power cables may be installed as permanent wiring within buildings, buried in the ground, run overhead, or exposed. Because of these harsh environments the insulation health check of the cables become lot more significant. Since 80% of electrical maintenance and testing involves evaluating insulation integrity, it becomes much more important to understand the insulation.

Electrical insulation starts to age as soon as it's made. And aging deteriorates its performance. Harsh installation environments, especially those with temperature extremes and/or chemical contamination, cause further deterioration, the irregular loads carried by the cables add-up to more further deterioration. As a result, personnel safety and power reliability can suffer. Obviously, it's important to identify this deterioration as quickly as possible so you can take the necessary corrective measures. Our value addition to this corrective action is to have a preventive approach by having a regular check and develop a trend pattern of the health/deterioration of cable insulation and its overall health.